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Hierbij de nodige informatie:

It’s the beginning of the year again and you’re probably already waiting for an invitation to a meeting in Boskovice. Every year it is more difficult for us to choose the theme of the meeting. This time we found inspiration in the free program of the meeting – by that we mean the evening gastro free, and looking into the hall it was clear.

Meeting topic: Trip to the Zoo

Prepare your favorite animal in plush form (also applies to passengers) and it will become another member of the crew. Additional decoration of the machine or crew is welcome.

Who does not have his other plush self, will not be able to handle our insidious competitions.

1) Registration of participants and the entire program will only be in Bokovice u Zlatá růže (address), registration will be possible on Friday from 2 pm to 11 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 11 am

2) Embroidered start numbers are still valid, change of holder, or you can solve the need for another during registration

The entry fee is set at CZK 200 (10e)

Everyone arranges their own accommodation.

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