3844349029Hello. I’m a velorex owner from Poland. I have a few velorexes, but one of them is for sale.
A Velorex 250 from 1961, fully and professionally restored.
Here is the hyperlink for a polish auction: http://allegro.pl/velorex-250-1961-i3844349029.html
My price is €4500.
I’m looking for a small classic car too. I can exchange this velorex for it.
If you have any questions, please email me at: rafalr@jasfbg.com.pl

We will be organizing a Polish velorex owners meeting (end of 08.2014, Pobierowo village). Maybe you are interested in meeting polish velorex lovers? We warmly welcome all velorex fans from NL.

Best regards from Poland,

Rafal, Myslowice, PL.

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